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Valuing and Selling a Veterinary Practice

Item Number: VVSZ126
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Make daily decisions that boost value

A practice valuation gives you a report card for your management strategies and forecasts your financial security. Here's how valuations work- and how your everyday approach influences the outcome

Preparing your associate to buy in

Selling a share of your practice is a process, not an event. The most important part? Open communication and ongoing training.

Weigh the benefits of a buy-in

Worried about how you'll afford to buy in-or how an associate buying in will affect your finances? We've got answers!

Could you sell to a nonDVM?

If state law allows, the perfect buyer may be closer than you think

Plan a smooth succession

Selling your practice involves more than setting a price and watching buyers beat a path to your door. Know what to do before the gavel comes down on your financial future.

Sniffing out the latest trends

If running your hospital leaves you running in circles, take advice from well-managed practices. Discover how these owners enjoy efficient, profitable hospitals that emphasize patient care and client relations.

Hanging a corporate sign

Selling to a corporate practice isn't as easy as hanging a "For Sale" sign and accepting an offer. You need to agree on payment terms, define your future role, and tell clients about the transition.

Bringing clinics together

If you're thinking about selling your hospital, investigate a merger. With the right planning, a merger helps your hospital grow medically and financially and provides an exit option.

Map your exit strategy

If you own a solo or two-doctor practice, you need to start planning your exit strategy now--whether you plan to retire in five years or in 20. Use these strategies to stay pointed in the right direction.

Keep your nest egg intact

Your choices when it comes to life insurance, a succession plan, and retirement savings vehicles all come with tax ramifications. Use these pointers to make sure Uncle Sam doesn't take more than his share.

Getting out of practice

It's critical that you decide on an exit strategy early. If you don't, you may find that instead of owning a practice, it owns you. So consider these options--and plan to enjoy your future.

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