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The Effective Veterinary Practice

Item Number: VLLB004
Price: $79.00
A practitioner's guide to leadership, management, and current marketing strategies in the 21st century Authored by: James D Stowe, DVM Edited by: Lowell Ackerman, DVM, DACVD, MBA, MPA
The Effective Veterinary Practice - Beyond Management is a practitioner's guide to leadership, management, and current marketing strategies in the 21st century. It is a true how-to-succeed textbook for every veterinary practice owner, manager, consultant and student.
Topics include: vision, mission and your brand of veterinary medicine; financial concepts and business planning; people planning; leadership; communication; team building; effective facilities; customer service; the internet and veterinary informatics; building a bond-centered practice; and future thinking - where is our profession headed. The focus is on practical solutions to many pressing North American veterinary practice management issues. An extensive financial management section including cash flow management, budgeting, staff compensation and benefits is included, as is a section on healthcare team organization, utilization and scheduling.
"This book is required reading for every practice owner, and those contemplating practice ownership at some point in the future - including most veterinary students. Practice managers or administrators, practice management consultants and advisors, associate doctors, select faculty, and people in industry who want a better understanding of the business of veterinary medicine will be well-served by this book. The practical ideas gained here will augment pet care, elevate client service, and boost morale and enthusiasm among your health care team. This is a true How-To-Succeed book. The bottom line? Following the advice in this book will allow your practice to prosper long-term, continuously delivering better care. Enjoy the solutions - and the fruits of those solutions." Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP®
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