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The Art of Veterinary Practice Management, 2nd Edition by Mark Opperman & Sheila Grosdidier

Item Number: VETB104
Price: $69.95

Mark Opperman, CVPM has teamed up with Sheila Grosdidier, BS, RVT, PHR to make the best-selling book on veterinary practice management even better!

Written for active practice managers, veterinarians managing their practice, and graduating veterinarians, The Art of Veterinary Practice Management, 2nd Edition combines a wealth of insights and practical experience with outside-the-box, big-picture thinking.

Going beyond facts and figures, Mark and Sheila use their unique talents for real-world storytelling. In chapter after chapter, they put you in the shoes of the people who matter most to your practice's success: clients and team members.

This isn't just any update. It packs a hundred pages more than the best-selling original! With completely rewritten chapters reflecting a changing and technologized veterinary world, refined employee procedures manuals, sharper job descriptions, and much more, Mark and Sheila's 2nd edition is a whole new book!

400+ pages! Check out Chapter 1.

This expert duo shows you how to:

Get your house in order.
Do clients appreciate your practice in 9 essential ways? Mark and Sheila reveal why you're in trouble if they don't.

Go full-service.
Today's clients demand it. Turn underused space into profit centers, answer your competition, and see healthier patients.

Achieve success as a team.
Get everyone in your practice on the same page. Crystallize a vision, delegate to employees and meet goals together.

Listen closely. Say the right thing.
Fine-tune the verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills of every member of your practice team.

Enjoy life in veterinary medicine.
Are you happy? Does your practice make a difference? Refocus on where you want to be.

Also includes:

  • 11 checklists, permission forms, report cards, tracking sheets
  • "Mystery Shopper" opposition research report
  • Employee procedure manual
  • Performance evaluations for 7 team positions, including all-new Social Media Coordinator
  • Phased training programs for 7 team positions
  • Sample marketing letter for senior pet wellness
  • Personnel file guidelines
  • Individual employee contract

How can so much be offered in a single book? That's Mark and Sheila's practice management guidance magic!


Here's what veterinary practice professionals like you are saying about it:

"Mark and Sheila definitely exceeded all of my expectations and much, much more! This book is by far an upgrade from the original book; it provides all of the tools necessary to run a well managed, successful, and highly profitable veterinary practice."
— Mandi Johnson, RVT, Practice Manager, Animal Emergency and Pet Care Clinic of the High Country, PLLC

"This book is a must-read for any veterinary hospital that wants to up their game. In the ever-changing world of veterinary medicine if you are standing still you will be left in the dust. Mark Opperman is the man when it comes to veterinary consulting. It's like having the best coach in your corner. If you follow these principles you will watch your veterinary hospital turn into what you have always dreamed it could be."
— Stuart Robson, DVM, Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital

"This book is it! The original book is the foundation upon which I've built my practice management skills over the years. This second version is even more powerful with updated tools, tips, resources, and information."
— Marianne Mallonee, CVPM, Hospital Administrator and part owner of Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital

"The Art of Veterinary Practice Management is a very practical guide that is an essential resource for today's veterinary practice owner and managers. Mark Opperman understands our patients' and clients' needs and his book facilitates our ability to fulfill those important needs."
— Dan Posey, DVM, ABVP (beef cattle)

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