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Starting Your First Practice

Item Number: VSPZ130
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How to buy the practice of your dreams

Many associates dream of a fixer-upper they can buy for nothing down and low payments, then turn it into a $1 million practice overnight. I hear an occasional success story, but most new owners experience something different.

Should you own or lease?

For associates looking to start their first practice, leasing's fewer up-front costs may be appealing. Be careful, experts warn. If you don't think long-term, leasing can be a trap.

Preparing to start from scratch

Dreaming of cutting the ribbon at your grand opening? Consider these critical issues before you launch a new practice-your success may depend on it.

What does it cost to start a practice?

Of course, the answer varies depending on your practice size, the equipment you purchase, and other business decision you make. However, this example will get you in the ballpark.

Location, location, location

The real-estate mantra is more than just sound marketing advice-the practice location you choose effects your earning potential

Is your plan convincing?

A solid business plan can persuade lenders to fund your new veterinary practice. Before approaching any financier, make sure your facts are organized to land a loan.

Can you equip your clinic?

When equipping a new hospital, first determine your needs and wants. Choose must-haves now and leave your wish list until you successfully establish the practice.

Target your marketing

A new veterinary practice needs a constant flow of clients to survive. Discover how to focus your marketing efforts and bring in customers the first day you open your hospital's doors.

Select a business structure

Are you confused by all the business structure choices on the horizon? Learn the tax benefits and liability protections each offers; then choose the right option for your practice.

A loan at last

If you've tried to secure a bank loan without success, don't despair. The Small Business Administration and other nonprofit organizations offer other options that may meet your business needs.

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