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Personnel Solutions, Volume II

Item Number: VPSZ176
Price: $39.95


Using effective rewards and recognition

Think a paycheck is all that’s needed to keep staffmembers content and working hard? Think again. Rewards and recognition keep your team motivated and coming back for more.

Clear expectations garner great results

Setting clear expectations can mean the difference between getting what you want from team members and being disappointed. Use these strategies to make sure you’re getting your message across.

Conquering team conflict

Use these strategies to address discord before interpersonal issues undermine your business—and your passion for practice.

Fire up your team members

Develop an inspired, passionate healthcare team— and fuel your practice’s success.

Providing meaningful feedback and direction

The lines of communication between you and your team might be down—and you may not even know it. Here’s how to make sure the advice you’re sharing gets through.

Help your team reach the next level

It can be frightening and uncomfortable to take on responsibilities that pose more challenges and offer more risk of failure. Use the following strategies to help team members overcome these hurdles.

Setting the sail for success

Sharing your vision with your team members gives them the guidance they need to fulfill your practice’s potential.

The art of acceptance

No, maybe your team members aren’t perfect. But then again, neither are you. Here’s how to decide which irritations to work on correcting and which to let go.

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