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Item Number: VPSZ175
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Keep new hires afloat

Sink-or-swim training techniques don't give new team members the tools they need to contribute to the practice. Instead, offer a thorough introduction to the position--and watch your investment pay off.

Face the facts: Teams want more

Surveys show that staff members want you to say thank you more often, delegate more, and offer more benefits. Here's why you should.

Focus on the source of personnel problems

Do you ever feel like nailing the door shut to stem the flow of outgoing team mmerbs? Mark Opperman offers a better solution: Investigate your practice culture.

Balancing team pay

Have you grounded team members' compensation levels in solid reasoning, or do other factors tip the scales? Use this strategy to level the playing field.

What to do when an associate give notice

Losing an associate may seem disasterous, but you can keep your practice together. Breathe, plan, and move forward.

Investigating doctor turnover

If the revolving door is seeing action at your practice, you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars.

Give them the ax

If an employee isn't working out, it's probably time to take positive action and sever his or her employment. Use these steps tp make the tough cuts.

When to cut an associate

Even when great associates are in short supply, you need every doctor to perform well. Use these tips to set the stage for a solid working relationship--and to decide when you've seen enough.

Handing over a pink slip

Set behavior standards, warn staff members who don't comply--then fire anyone who refuses to follow your lead. It's not easy, but firing a problem employee will boost morale and productivity.

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