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Marketing Your Practice

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Polishing dental profits

You're constantly looking for new ways to increase your practice's productivity. Learn how promoting dental services can create a vital profit center for your hospital.

Will a newsletter help you?

A practice newsletter can deliver a subtle--but powerful--marketing message about your services. Besides bonding clients to your hospital, you'll boost your bottom line as well.

Profit centers that deliver

If you want to increase practice income, adding a profit center may be the answer. Before you take the plunge, learn how to predict which services will earn the most.

Ring up your retail sales

Would you believe that building a few shelves can increase your practice's profit $20,000? Create a retail sales area and add a valuable profit center to your hospital.

Creating value packages

What are you doing to optimize every patient's health? Discover innovative programs and incentives that deliver healthy clients, client satisfaction, and practice profits.

Stay busy all year long

Are you worried about the slow months ahead? Here's how you can develop a targeted marketing campaign that will help keep your practice busy all year long.

Selling your services

You can't sit back and expect clients-and revenue-to find you. Instead, take a look at the tactics other practic es use to attract new clients and find you niche in this increasingly competitive market.

Personalize your advertising

If the thought of advertising makes you cringe, maybe you're doing something wrong. Try a personal touch to warm up your marketing efforts and keep clients' attention.

Do you need boarding?

To board or not to board (or groom), that is the question. You'll need to consider everything from finances to staffing to client relations before you decide what's best for your practice.

Attract clients you want

A successful marketing campaign could be your worst nightmare if it attracts high quantities of low-quality clients. So learn ways to attract the right pet owners.

Wise-up about marketing

Stop avoiding marketing--and start using marketing efforts that educate your clients, improve compliance, and attract committed pet owners. Try these four strategies to get more bang for your marketing buck.

Nuts-and-bolts marketing

Marketing doesn't need to cost a fortune--or compromise your professional image. To bring new clients in the practice door and keep existing ones happy, try these proven marketing techniques.

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