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Lifestage Nutrition

Item Number: VLLR028
Price: $69.00

Identifying and understanding the proper nutritional needs of your clients' pet can strengthen client relations and improve retail revenue. Well-trained front office staff can be the key to customer satisfaction and retail sales success.

Staff will learn:

  • Body condition scoring and be able to calculate the energy requirements of pets at different life stages
  • Understand the importance of nutritional balance
  • Understand the nutritional requirements of the different lifestages of pets, including the growing, reproducing, lactating, performance and geriatric stages
  • Be able to answer common client questions about pet nutrition, including feeding methods, feeding costs, nutrient percentages in canned and dry foods, interpreting pet food labels and the palatability of pet food
  • Complete the built-in self-assessment test and send the results to Lifelearn to collect continuing education credits AND a Certificate of Completion.

Lifelearn's practice licence allows all team members to use the program and collect CE

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