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Life Balance

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Chart a course for success

If you stopped planning your career when you graduated from veterinary school, you're missing the boat. You need to continue to set strategic goals to keep your life and career moving in the right direction.

Balancing life and work

How much is your time worth-to you? Would you be willing to earn less to spend more time with your family? Nontraditional practice setups give some practitioners more options.

Tailor your practice style

You don't need to suffer constant management headaches and neglect your personal life to succeed professionally. Set priorities, then alter your practice to fit your needs.

Want weekends off?

Closing on Saturdays isn't for everyone, but if you're looking for more balance in your life, it may work for you. Consider these issues before you take the leap.

Coping with life as Dr.Mom

balancing work and your home life isn't easy-but it's possible. Here's how this doctor makes it work.

Do you care too much?

You spend so much effort caring for others, you may forget about yourself. Learn to recognize and manage compassion fatigue before it puts your health--and career--at risk.

Stressed? Take a breather!

It's your reaction to a situation that determines your stress level, not the situation itself. So use these strategies to moderate your response--and live a calmer, healthier life.

Minimizing burnout

Staff members won't always come to you when they're feeling over-taxed. So learn to recognize the warning signs and develop a solid plan before stress ignites your practice.

Work less; earn more

Wish you could work fewer hours without sacrificing your income? You can. Simply choose the life you want and the work strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Stuck in a career rut? Climb out! Cranky clients, staff conflicts, and scheduling problems are enough to wear anyone down. And if you get stuck in a low spot for too long, you may eventually feel like just throwing in the towel. Don't let it get that far! Use these strategies to pull yourself out of the hole. 102 reasons to love your work The next time you feel low, consult this list to learn what your colleagues love about practicing veterinary medicine--and let their joy inspire you!

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