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HPLC Performance Qualification: Ensuring Quality Results - Audio Seminar CD

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Conducted by John W. Dolan, Ph.D.
Author of LCGC's popular LC Troubleshooting Column

As the most widely used analytical technique in the world, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a tool touching the lives of many laboratory workers. Because we rely upon the results of HPLC analyses for the determination of drug purity, environmental quality, water safety, and many other health-related measurements, it is critical that we have confidence that the instrument is operating properly. In many cases, proof of instrument performance is required by regulatory agencies, but even in the absence of regulations, good science practice dictates that we know our instrumentation is performing reliably. This Audio Seminar CD describes a series of simple tests that can be used on a periodic basis to show that the HPLC system is operating properly. The results of these tests give us confidence in HPLC system reliability and document compliance with periodic instrument testing.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Dolan has designed LC equipment, developed methods, managed a contract research laboratory, taught thousands of students in LC techniques, and written over 100 papers on LC. His popular LC Troubleshooting column in LCGC has been the go-to article each month for more than 20 years. He draws on this experience and his expertise in HPLC for this audio seminar CD.

This audio seminar CD will cover these specific areas:

  • Why periodic testing is necessary
  • Tests to show that the HPLC pump is working properly
  • How to show that on-line mixing and gradient formation are accurate
  • Checks to give us confidence in autosampler operation
  • Experiments to ensure that the detector is doing its job

This Audio Seminar CD is presented by Dr. John W. Dolan, worldwide expert on method development and troubleshooting liquid chromatography. In this unique teleseminar format, lasting just one hour, Dr. Dolan will cover the key HPLC performance tests that should be run to check the system.

A detailed outline and Dr. Dolan's qualifications follow below.

HPLC Performance Qualification: Ensuring Quality Results

Part I Introduction

  • What is IQ/OQ/PQ?
  • System suitability testing

Part II Pump and detector checks

  • Power-up diagnostics
  • Pump tests: siphon, pressure bleed-down, and flow rate
  • Detector tests: noise and drift

Part III On-line mixing checks

  • Gradient step-test and GPV test
  • Gradient linearity and dwell volume
  • Examples of test failures

Part IV Chromatographic checks

  • Detector wavelength accuracy
  • Autosampler precision, carryover, and linearity
  • All-up system test
  • Documentation

John W. Dolan, Ph.D.

Dr. John Dolan is most widely known as the author of LCGC's popular LC Troubleshooting column. As editor of this column for over 20 years, Dr. Dolan has contributed more than 200 installments of practical advice to practicing chromatographers. John has written over 100 technical papers, many of which support the development and practical application of gradient elution LC. His book (with Lloyd Snyder), Troubleshooting LC Systems, is a standard reference in laboratories worldwide. He is the 2002 recipient of the prestigious Palmer Award given by the Minnesota Chromatography Forum.

Dr. Dolan managed a regional contract research laboratory for 11 years for LC Resources and later Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. The lab, which he helped found in 1988, specializes in the development, validation, and application of LC-MS/MS methods to determine pharmaceutical compounds in biological matrices. In addition, he is one of the founders of LC Resources, Inc., a company dedicated to training chromatographers around the world. As an instructor for LCR and the American Chemical Society, John has instructed more than 10,000 students in practical LC techniques.