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Item Number: VGAZ150
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Navigate the generation gap

You could have representatives from five generations working in your practice--all with different values, motivations, and goals. Here's what you need to know to keep everyone working together.

Luring great associates

You know they're out there--topnotch associates ready to join a practice like yours. So why aren't they biting? Put out the right bait--and watch out!

Get on the ball, coach

This doctor's experience coaching a soccer team gives him unique insight into running a successful practice. Use his tips on keeping score and motivating your team, and learn to apply coaching logic at your hospital.

Shape your bedside manner

Offering patients high-quality health care is only the beginning. You also need to consider the emotional support you offer pet owners--and communicate the compassion you feel.

Gauge associates' performance precisely

Use these strategies to gather concrete information about assocates' success in the exam room and develop effecticve more insightful evaluations.

Set the bar at $500,000

Earning $500,000 in revenue per year isn't an unrealistic goal. This doctor--and many others--made the jump and will show you how to boost your production to this level.

Preparing for practice

New associates face a tough transition as they move from college to practice. Are you giving them the tools they need to help you maintain your practice, offer the best care, and boost the bottom line?

Preparing your associate to buy in

Selling a share of your practice is a process, not an event. The most important part? Open communication and ongoing training.

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