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GC in the Fast Lane: High-Speed Gas Chromatography for Greater Throughput

Item Number: LSGR100
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Many gas chromatographic analyses require far less time than analysts employ. Higher sample throughput and specialized applications such as portable or process gas chromatography are some of the forces driving separations towards higher speeds.

Peaks elute in less time when inlet pressures or column temperatures increase, and when column lengths, inner diameters, or stationary-phase film thicknesses decrease. But simply eluting peaks in less time doesn't guarantee the same degree of separation or resolution.

Presented by Dr. John V. Hinshaw, editor of LCGC magazine's "GC Troubleshooting" and "GC Connections" columns since 1986, this CD examines the ups and downs of GC in the fast lane, including:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Faster Separations
  • Requirements for Working at Higher Speeds
  • Standard Laboratory Gas Chromatographs
  • "How Can I gGo Faster Than That?"
  • Estimating What Faster Chromatograms Would Look Like
  • Reasons to choose faster separations
  • Instrument Requirements for Fast GC
  • Specialized GC instruments for fast separations

Dr. Hinshaw is one of, if not the premier expert on gas chromatography active in the industry today. He has worked in the analytical instruments field for more than 30 years in research, instrument design and development — conducting GC training courses and seminars both in the U.S. and overseas.

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