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Fundamentals of Headspace Sampling

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Conducted by John V. Hinshaw, Ph.D.
LCGC Magazine GC Connections Editor

Headspace sampling is the preferred injection technique for volatile compounds present in difficult sample matrices such as powders, formulations, intermediates, polymers, and others that cannot or should not be injected directly into a gas chromatograph. Headspace sampling preseparates volatile compounds of interest from the sample matrix and avoids contaminating the inlet system and column with semi- or non-volatile residue. In the broad sense there are a number of related headspace sampling techniques including static and dynamic headspace, solid phase microextraction (SPME), thermal desorption, and purge-and-trap sampling. This audio seminar CD will concentrate on static headspace sampling including the basic theory, equipment, variables, and applications such as organic volatile impurities (OVI)

This audio seminar CD covers these specific areas:

  • What are the different types of headspace sampling?
  • How does headspace sampling work?
  • What samples are appropriate for headspace sampling?
  • Is headspace sampling quantitative?
  • What static headspace sampling variables are important to understand and control?
  • What do USP and ICH say about headspace sampling?

This audio seminar cd is presented by Dr. John Hinshaw, a worldwide expert on Gas Chromatography.

A detailed outline follows below.

Fundamentals of Headspace Sampling

Part I

  • Rationale for headspace sampling
  • Sample types for headspace
  • Varieties of headspace sampling techniques

Part II

  • Static headspace sampling principles
  • Headspace sampling equipment

Part III

  • Basis of quantitative headspace sampling
  • Effects of temperature, time, and volume
  • USP and ICH on headspace sampling

John V. Hinshaw, Ph.D.

Dr. Hinshaw is best known as the “GC Connections” column editor for LC/GC Magazine for the past 20 years. The author of over 110 publications and three books on GC, he has conducted numerous GC training courses and seminars both in the U.S. and overseas at local and national conferences as well as private corporations. He has worked in the analytical instruments field for over 25 years in research, instrument design and development, and applications at Varian, PerkinElmer, and now at Serveron, a producer of online GC analyzers.

He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of LC/GC Magazine and the Journal of Separation Science. He is chairman of ASTM Subcommittee E13.19 on Chromatography and a member of IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Division V Committee on Analytical Chemistry, as well as a 25+ year member of the American Chemical Society. As the “GC Troubleshooting” and “GC Connections” column editor for LC/GC Magazine since 1986, Dr. Hinshaw has compiled an extensive collection of material that forms the basis of this course.

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