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Fees, Earnings, and Expenses

Item Number: VFEZ181
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Plug revenue leaks and boost your income

Revenue climbed in 2000, but the growth isn't translating into bigger paychecks for practice owners. Find out why you're earning more—and taking home less—than in previous years.

Don't let revenue escape

Without proper controls, as much as 20 percent of your revenue may sneak out your front door. Learn how two simple forms can help you capture more money.

Support fee growth with great service

Providing top-quality patient care and client service gives you great job satisfaction, and it offers your practice the critical nutrients it needs to flourish: loyal, compliant clients.

Don't leave fees to chance

If you set fees using a haphazard, luck-of-the-draw approach, you're gambling with practice income and profitability. Improve your odds for success by using these proven fee-setting strategies.

Worried your fees are high?

Well, they're not. In fact, most of you should be thinking that your fees are too low. So stop feeling guilty, and start working to increase clients' perception of value.

Tighten up your inventory costs

The word inventory doesn't have to send you and your team members running for cover. Learn to face your fears and make your inventory contribute to practice profitability.

Fit expenses into your financial plan

It's hard to see the big picture if you don't consider all of the pieces of your financial plan. So take a careful look at what you spend, set clear goals for revenue and reinvestment—and unlock your practice's potential.

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