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Emergency & Critical Care Manual, 2nd Edition

Item Number: VLLB001
Price: $129.00

The publication stays true to its roots as a practical patient-side manual where the reader feels that the author is right there with him/her through the decision-making and management process. You will see that the treatment and procedure oriented focus is maintained and in fact enhanced through the use of more charts, tables and algorithms. The unique style of step-by-step diagnostic and therapeutic instructions is maintained throughout.

The 2nd edition is:

Over double the size in terms of word count, chapters and pages

  • 110 chapters
  • 809 pages
  • over 200 tables, charts & algorithms

It's written in greater detail than the 1st due to the considerable expansion of knowledge in the emergency and critical care field and the considerable cross referencing index is expanded, facilitating easy access to the information.

Contents Include:

  • General Approach Abdomen/ Gastrointestinal
  • Analgesia Anesthesia
  • Cardiovascular Dermatology/Drug Infusion Charts
  • Endocrine Environmental
  • Exotic-Small Mammals Fluids
  • Electrolytes and Acid-Base Hematology
  • Oncology & Immunology Neurologic and Neuromuscular
  • Nutrition Ophthalmology
  • Pediatric Neonatal
  • Respiratory Sepsis
  • Shock Toxicities
  • Transfusion Trauma & Accidental Injury
  • Urinary Urogenital
  • Reproductive Tract

In addition to covering individual medical conditions, technical sections have been added to assist with such topics as: stocking the emergency drug cart; handling of controlled substances, use of analgesics/anesthetics; and application of local anesthetic techniques, to name a few.

While the manual's objective is to act as a practical patient-side reference tool to facilitate medical management, pathophysiology and pharmacology, information is included in order to provide a more complete reference and continuing education tool on emergency and critical care conditions.
Lifelearn's practice license allows all team members to use the program and collect CE.

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