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Designing the Future: Innovative Solutions for the Veterinary Medical Facilities of Tomorrow

Item Number: VETB105
Price: $89.95


Chapter 1: History of the Veterinary Profession

Chapter 2: The Evolution of the Companion Animal Facility

Chapter 3: The Typical Pet Owner: An Evolving Picture

Chapter 4: Changing Markets, Changing Consumers

Chapter 5: Innovations in Technology

Chapter 6: Snapshot of the Industry

Chapter 7: The "Successful" Practice

Chapter 8: The Need For Strategic Design

Chapter 9: The Super Clinic

Chapter 10: More Design Innovations

Chapter 11: Design of the Near-Future Clinic

Chapter 12: The Million-Dollar Clinic

Chapter 13: A Compendium of Design Ideas

Chapter 14: Facility Types

Chapter 15: Design Drivers

Chapter 16: Design Organization—The Foundation

Chapter 17: A Menu of Design Solutions

Chapter 18: Build, Remodel, or Lease

Chapter 19: Market and Site Selection

Chapter 20: Assembling Your Building Team

Chapter 21: Evaluating Your Cost and Benefit Centers

Chapter 22: Strategies for Development

Chapter 23: The Design and Construction Process and Schedule

Chapter 24: Case Studies: Implementing Ideas

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