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Client Handouts 3-Pack: Wellness, Behavior, Nutrition (With Sharing License)

Item Number: VCHQ303
List Price: $50.85
Price: $39.95
You Save: $10.90 (21 %)

A handout is worth a thousand lectures.

You've seen them in our publications. You’ve seen them on

Now, you can have a license to make the top-quality cuts of our handouts available online to your clients!

This PDF eProduct 3-pack totals 36 popular handouts from the dvm360 family of publications, with some lovingly refreshed for maximum impact in educating pet owners:

  • Wellness — screens, checkouts, vaccines, microchipping, and more
    • What is a wellness screen?
    • Junior/senior wellness testing
    • What you should know about vaccines
    • All about microchipping
    • Vaccine information form
    • Pet report card
    • Rabies: still a threat
    • Lifecycle of heartworms
    • Cats and heartworm disease
    • How old is your pet in human years?
    • Watch for these signs of illness
    • A lifetime of wellness
  • Behavior — puppy & kitten issues, problems with adult pets, and more
    • How to housebreak your new puppy
    • Common behavior problems in kittens
    • Important reasons to spay or neuter your pet
    • Teaching your new puppy the right way to play
    • Picking an appropriate scratching post
    • Why punishment fails; what works better
    • Behavior assessment checklist
    • Signs of separation anxiety in your dog
    • Repetitive behaviors questionnaire
    • Signs of anxiety and fear
    • Helping pets who have lost their best buddy
    • Practice a fun, fear-free visit
  • Nutrition — pet food labels, obesity, diabetes, exercise and more
    • 3 pet foot label myths
    • Weight, calories, and your pet
    • Weight loss in cats
    • Weight loss in dogs
    • Forget the packaging, read the ingredient list
    • How to get your dog in shape
    • Pet obesity: get a handle on health risks
    • How can I tell if my pet is overweight?
    • My cat has diabetes — now what?
    • My dog has diabetes — now what?
    • Get moving with your pet
    • The pet food guessing game

See them up close! Download full-size samples now. »

The Sharing License grants you permission to individually upload these handouts to your practice website for easy access — not only for regulars, but also new visitors who find them through internet searches. Spread the message while you market your practice!

This is a PDF-format eProduct. Download and start enjoying it immediately!

DID YOU KNOW: We offer bulk and custom purchases at great savings! Contact Maureen Cannon at, or call 440-891-2642.

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