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Canine And Feline Ophthalmology

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Examining the anterior segment of the eye in small animals

When an animal presents with possible vision problems, do you know how to diagnose the cause? These authors provide a detailed guide to thoroughly evaluating the anterior portion of the eye.

Examining the posterior segment of the eye in small animals

Noninvasive techniques and basic equipment make this required examination uncomplicated. The authors show you your options for performing this second part of a thorough ophthalmic evaluation.

Canine cataracts: A review of diagnostic and treatment procedures

Thousands of dogs develop cataracts every year. Though you may not personally perform cataract surgery, you should be prepared to conduct the initial ocular screening, refer suitable patients to an ophthalmologist, and, of course, field your clients’ questions.

The causes, diagnosis, and treatment of canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca

Do you know the latest thinking about what causes this common ophthalmic condition? Although diagnosis remains much the same, review your treatment protocol, since many causes have become better understood.

Preparations for eyelid surgeries

A variety of eyelid problems in dogs and cats call for surgical correction. Before making an incision, thoroughly evaluate the animal and have the right instruments at hand.

Common corrective and protective eyelid surgeries

Animals are often in need of corrective procedures for eyelid abnormalities or procedures to protect the cornea. This article discusses some of the eyelid surgeries that can be performed in small-animal practice.

Procedures for excising eyelid masses and replacing a prolapsed third eyelid gland

Eyelid neoplasms and prolapsed third eyelid glands are common problems requiring surgical intervention. Here’s how to successfully treat these disorders.

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