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Cancer management

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Mast cell neoplasia in dogs

Cytologic or histopathologic examination allows you to easily diagnose this common form of skin cancer in dogs. But the prognosis is poor if the tumor has metastasized. The authors reveal which treatment options improve the chances of survival.

Canine melanoma: Combating a destructive and deadly tumor

The malignant form of this neoplasm has a high metastatic rate and a low survival rate. As researchers discover more about this life-threatening tumor, they are closer to improving the prognosis in affected dogs.

Diagnosis and surgical management of mammary neoplasia in dogs and cats

Tumors commonly arise in mammary glands, especially in older pets. Here's how to clinically evaluate these patients and treat them with well-planned local or regional surgery, which remains the treatment of choice in most cases.

Vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats: Applying the latest research to practice

Much information has been gathered about this cancer in cats over the last decade. Find out how researchers think these tumors may form and what steps you can take to prevent or treat them effectively.

How to manage patients with hemangiosarcoma

One of the most lethal tumors, hemangiosarcoma is especially prevalent in dogs. Luckily, new types of therapy are on the horizon that may improve the prognosis.

An update on diagnosing and treating canine lymphosarcoma

The established protocols work well to identify and treat this common malignancy in dogs. But it is also exciting to watch the rapid advances in diagnostic tools, predictive markers, and immunotherapies that may one day find their way to veterinary clinics.

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