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Building a Practice Vol II

Item Number: VBAZ133
Price: $44.95
Building for tomorrow
Higher building costs coupled with clients' higher expectations for care put you in a challenging position.  Adopt these forward-thinking strategies to position your new practice for success.
Selecting the perfect site
There's more to a good site than the right location.  Here's a look at the other factors you need to consider.
Figuring out the financing
Your banker wants to know whether you're a good risk - and you want to know you're getting a reasonable deal.  Use these tips to balance the equation.
Don't get lost in increased costs
A new facility brings more space and capacity - and higher costs.  Think about how you'll adjust now, so you spend more time enjoying your facility and less time worrying about paying for it.
Brick by brick
Use these guidelines to balance appearance, cost, and durability when you choose interior building materials.
What to put inside
Drains and air-return ducts may not seem sexy, but thoughtful choices about behind the scenes tools let your new practice work harder for you.  Here's what you need to know.
Dream in green
Take these five earth-friendly steps to minimize building costs, energy usage, and toxic materials in your facility.
Stocking your new hospital
Use this handy sheet to build your shopping list.  Then start work in your new facility feeling confident that you've got the tools and supplies you need.
Choosing a lender and negotiating a deal
Revenue generation worksheet
Budget worksheet for new hospital building project
5 more ways to make your dream practice green

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