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Building a Practice

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Building a new hospital

Use this practical advice to make sure the building process culminates with the opening of your dream practice-and doesn't degenerate into a nightmare of overlooked details.

Building your dream may improve your profits

When the practitioners I work with build or remodel their practices, they often see their revenue skyrocket. Learn how building may help you grow your client base, offer more services, and boost your bottom line.

What does it cost to build?

It depends how big you bild-and on the site fees, appraisals, zoning fees, and interst rate. Here's help with your estimate

Deciding how to build

Consider these issues to decide which design and construction option best fits your needs--and lay the groundwork that will keep your building project progressing smoothly.

Location, location, location

The real-estate mantra is more than just sound marketing advice-the practice location you choose affects your earning potential.

Minimize noise and odor

You strive to make every client visit a great experience, but one foul whiff could undermine all your efforts. Here's how to make every visit pleasant and serene.

Avoid hospital traffic jams

Don't invest in a new facility, a remodeling project, or an expansion until you consider traffic flow--or you'll find you need stoplights to control the foot traffic.

Take this study to the bank

Despite the current strong business climate, a bank won't hand you a stack of cash to build a new hospital just because you ask. But do your homework and you'll land that loan.

A loan at last!

If you've tried to secure a bank loan without success, don't despair. The Small Business Administration and other nonprofit organizations offer other options that may meet your business needs.

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