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Benchmarks 2013: A Study of Well-Managed Practices

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What constitutes a well-managed practice?

All-new for 2013, Veterinary Economics and Wutchiett-Tumblin Associates have again answered this question by studying the next generation of strong veterinary practices.

They've evaluated how owners and teams enhance clients' perception of value, grow in a tough economy, know when to spend and when to cut back, and utilize technology to provide the best patient care while continually improving their business.

Like 2011, Benchmarks 2013 celebrates another "statistical year" with analysis of fees, revenue and expenses. But communication is the thread that weaves through each chapter. The ability to convey patients' healthcare needs — and clients' ability to hear it — determines whether or not the care happens.

To that end, Benchmarks 2013 contains myriad tools and tips in each chapter to strengthen team communication skills.

In this all-new study:
  • While spending on pets continues to rise year after year, veterinary practices need to ensure that those increases are going towards solid medical care.

    Consistent heartworm prevention, dentals, and regular wellness exams are not only a better investment than the latest rage, they're no-brainers when pets live healthier, longer lives. Learn how to best educate and market the message to your clients that "it's what's on the inside that counts."
  • Because selling services and products always involves more than trading something tangible for money, practices must build more into it — warmth, connection, friendship, status, community.

    You’re selling satisfaction and meeting the client’s need to feel important. So are you doing enough to nurture every client’s sense of importance?
  • Rather than adopting the "starvation" approach to accumulate extra cash on your bottom line, start with the "Five Easy Slim-Downs."

    Pinpoint where your spending is a little heavy, then get started with your practice slim-down to save that extra $10,000 to $20,000 towards your dream list.
  • Have your meetings become a big waste of time? Are you struggling with implementation of the decisions reached during your meetings?

    Learn about three ways to help recharge your team and put member enthusiasm to work for your patient, client, and practice.

» Want to know more? Here's a product preview (.pdf format).

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