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Associate Compensation and Contracts

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Starting your job search

Although choosing your first practice is important, this won't likely be your only position as an associate. Learn how to make a smooth transition through your first job.

Choosing your first practice

If you want to practice high-quality medicine, choose your first hospital carefully. The medical style you emulate from there will form the model for your entire veterinary career.

Which job offer is best?

If multiple job offers are tugging you in different directions, use these questionnaires to objectively compare practice and improve your chances of an ideal career match.

Get the perks you deserve

Today's tight labor market means top-quality associates are in demand. So consider negotiating such extras as administrative days and exercise time in your contract.

Choose to earn more

Veterinary medicine can be financially rewarding--if you select the right clientele and offer top-quality service. Learn how your choices affect practice profits and your income.

Debt Weighing you down?

Cut loose from the burden of student debt by minimizing your cash drain-and maximize your financial strength down the road. Here's how!

Balancing debt and starting pay

Did you graduate in 1996 or later? Here's a look at what your colleagues owe and earn. Are you established, debt-free, and well into practice ownership? These financial realities could affect your exit strategy.

Contracts to prevent stress

Oral employment agreements often result in misunderstandings. Avoid confusion and foster a good relationship with a written contract that addresses critical issues.

Draft a winning contract

When you're considering your first associate position, don't overlook the importance of a well-drafted contract. Look for these features before you sign on the dotted line.

Lure top-notch associates

Finding a high-quality associate can prove challenging. Create a job description, recruit skilled candidates, and conduct an effective interview to hook the perfect catch.

Bid for a great associate

Associates today enjoy the luxury of picking from many offers, and they want a bid that fits their professional and personal goals. Here's how to grab candidates' attention.

New grads: The offers, the pay

Employment prospects look good for newly minted veterinarians. And it's possible to find pay that makes growing student debt more manageable, if you know what to look for.

Associate pay: the nitpicky details

Compensation agreements raise all kinds of sticky issues. Here we focus in on the most common pay questions.

Compensating associates fairly

You want to keep your associates happy—and maximize profitability, right? This split-rate compensation formula does both by rewarding associates for providing high-quality medical care.

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