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Anesthetic drugs and monitoring techniques Volume II

Item Number: VADZ528
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Measuring blood pressure in dogs and cats

When you visit your physician, your blood pressure is measured to catch problems early. Are you doing the same for your patients? Here’s an overview on measuring and evaluating blood pressure.

Choosing the best inhalant anesthetic for small-animal practice

Several agents are at your disposal when you choose inhalation anesthesia. Which one to pick comes down to deciding what is best on a case-by-case basis, depending on an inhalant anesthetic’s properties, effects in patients, and cost.

Anesthetic management for cesarean section in bitches

The lives of your pregnant patient and her puppies are in your hands, especially when you must perform a cesarean section. Find out how proper anesthetic management can improve survival in moms and their pups.

Answering your questions: Sedating and anesthetizing patients that have organ system dysfunction

What agents and monitoring devices might be better in these patients? This anesthesiologist tells you how to handle common situations.

Anesthesia-related hypotension in a small-animal practice

This retrospective study examines the occurrence of hypotension in dogs and cats undergoing elective procedures and should help you decide whether to routinely monitor arterial blood pressure in all anesthetized animals.

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