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Anesthetic drugs and monitoring techniques Combo

Item Number: VADCombo
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Purchase the Quick Reference Guide to Veterinary Anesthesia Drugs and Monitoring Techniques titled “Anesthetic drugs and monitoring techniques Combo” for $39.95 online from

This veterinary anesthesia drug quick reference guide was compiled was compiled from a variety or resource materials supplied by Veterinary Economics magazine. This resource guide was created to provide veterinarians quick access to clinically relevant anesthetic agents, such as inhalation anesthesia, and patient monitoring techniques and devices. Equipment and drugs used by veterinary anesthetists are often similar to that used in anesthesia for human patients.

This reference manual to anesthetic drugs used at pet hospitals, animal hospitals, animal care centers, veterinary offices, equine hospitals, veterinary clinics and veterinary (vet) hospitals, and large and small animal ICUs is perfect for veterinarians, veterinary practice managers, clinicians and technicians.

Combo contains:
Anesthetic drugs and monitoring techniques, Volume I
Answers to your questions about medetomidine and atipamezole to Using end-tidal carbon dioxide to monitor patients

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Anesthetic drugs and monitoring techniques, Volume II
Measuring blood pressure in dogs and cats  to Anesthesia-related hypotension in a small-animal practice

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