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27 Proven Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Practice Profits_Dental

Item Number: DHSR100
Price: $199.00

You'll find all the marketing secrets you need to know packed onto these 8 fast-paced, information rich CDs.

Now for the first time, two of America's leading practice building experts have agreed to share many of their best secrets via an ultra-affordable CD series format.

As a result, there's no reason for you to risk wasting thousands of dollars on hit-or-miss marketing anymore.

Better still, Stewart Gandolf & Lonnie Hirsch share their 28 years experience and knowlege of what works (and what doesn't) for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

If you are time stressed (and who isn't), you will also appreciate the time-saving convenience that these CDs provide.

When you buy these CDs you'll be able to rapidly ramp up your Dental practice marketing knowledge when it is convenient for you: in your car, while exercising, or whenever. Take a look at all the topics we include below:

Introduction to Practice Marketing
Best Practices to Grow Your Practice Profits
Build Your Reputation (Branding)
Create Systems So That Your Patients Refer in Droves (Internal Marketing)
Attract Patients Through Powerful, Ethical External Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (How to Get Found)
How to Triple Your Number of Doctor Referrals
How to Hire Outstanding Creative Talent

DID YOU KNOW: We offer bulk and custom purchases at great savings! Contact Maureen Cannon at, or call 440-891-2642.

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