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Compendium of Veterinary Products, 12th Edition - Print

Item Number: VNAB006
Price: $59.00

Revised and updated, the compendium's 12th edition is a powerful reference textbook for veterinarians, practice management, technicians and clinicians.

It features 5,000 pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, biological, diagnostic, feed additive and pesticide product monographs with color-coded indexes for quick reference.

The manufacturer-distributor index contains company and contact information for more than 200 manufacturers and distributors.

There are also handy species-specific product category indexes, as well as biological, and anthelmintic and parasiticide charts.

A withdrawal time chart shows labeled meat, milk, honey and egg withholding times, and a trade name ingredient index allows the cross-referencing of products and like ingredients.

Highly valued by veterinarians, this is the most complete and concise reference book available.

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