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17 Healthcare Marketing Secrets to Win New Patients Now, Despite the Recession (DVD)

Item Number: HSSRRMKT
List Price: $97.00
Price: $50.00
You Save: $47.00 (48 %)
If you're tired of passively waiting for your bottom line and new patient counts to improve despite the ongoing recession, this DVD was designed for you. Featuring leading healthcare marketing expert Stewart Gandolf, MBA, this hour-and-a-half DVD contains secret strategies gleaned from working with thousands of healthcare practices, hospitals, manufacturers and other organizations over the past twenty years.
You'll discover strategies how to:

    Multiply your number of new patients
    Market ethically AND scientifically
    Win more doctor referrals
    Establish an appropriate marketing budget
    Stop dropping the ball on new patient phone inquiries
    Track the source of every new patient
    Save wasted marketing dollars
    Win patients from the Internet
    Increase your return on investment to 400% or better

You'll appreciate the many "real-world" techniques you can use to immediately improve your bottom line. So while the "experts" from the government, media and Wall Street continue to debate about the length and depth of the recession, YOUR recession can end now.

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